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Electrostatic painting is an efficient, cost effective and environmentally friendly process for painting metal. Upgrade the appearance of your office, school or factory area for a fraction of the replacement cost with metal refinishing.

• Free Estimates
• Warranty
• Thousands of colors
• Custom colors and metallic finishes
• Flexible hours for working environments

Refinish Rather Than Replace

Lockers in schools, athletic clubs and manufacturing facilities

Office furniture, desks and modular units

Elevator doors and frames

Filing cabinets

Metal staircases

Bathroom stalls and partitions

Dental chairs and dental equipment

Medical and laboratory equipment

Metal cabinets

Grocery refrigeration cases


Bank teller stations

Metal doors

Display shelving and factory storage racks

Light poles and signposts

Metal Railings, stairs and fences

Wrought iron railing and stairs

Bus and transit stops

ATM machines


Garage doors

Awnings and fascia

Aluminum storefronts

Metal roofs

Metal buildings


We work directly with homeowners, tenants, property managers, designers, architects or general contractors.

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